Dedicated  to  the  expanding 

appreciation  of  the  immortal 

Tupac  Shakur 

and  his  indelible  fans  worldwide.

T U P A C   U n s e e n: is comprised of thirty-six portrait photographs Levinson made in 1993 and thirty-six original Artworks (one of each portrait, completed in 2014) each one an individual homage

to Tupac, for a total of seventy-two original works,

only a half dozen of which have been published. 

It is a remarkable collection of work and quite simply the collection of Tupac photographs that illuminates his serious, meditative and friendly personality, with depth.

What began as a six month, purely photographic project to publish portraits, developed into something that encompassed much more.  Eventually, it extended into an eighteen month project, which further extended to four years and finally after seven years, it is being released ahead of the Art Book/Exhibition Catalog in an: eBook.


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